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Tirumala Group Of Institutions

The rapidly evolving professional environment of today places greater demands on education. In terms of both knowledge and skills, students must be able to match pace with this development in order to hit the ground running, as they step into their professional life. Special emphasis on communication, leadership skills and computers enables them to adapt easily to the demanding, high-tech work environment of today. Today, as the corporate world is increasingly taking note of its social responsibilities, it is imperative that the new breed of professionals develop these values at an early stage. This balance of professional excellence and social consciousness will be a great advantage for students to equip themselves with, as they embark on their career.

I wish all the best for your career.

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 Director of Nalanda Networks

PU education is very critical and important towards choosing various streams. Today there is great demand for quality and intensive PU education so that a large section of students can reach higher education in India and abroad with good results.

A revolutionary approach in PUC and competitive examination like CET, JEE, NEET & CPT preparation is introduced by NALANDA Networks at TIRUMALA COLLEGE with top experienced faculty backed up with a think tank. It is very unique programme that the management and teaching faculty have envisaged in the interest of the students, so as to make them crack the competitive examinations after PUC successfully

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Young and Intellectuals !
Greetings to you all from the family of Tirumala group of institutions
Education simply means an Individuals search for the truth that always triumphs, hidden in Wisdom imbibed with Knowledge that would disseminate with various tools and techniques in the process of reaching those truth seekers.
We at Tirumala College in association with Nalanda Networks bring you with wide scope of opportunities to first understand what is that you need to learn and as well answer for self, why, what, when and how? so that it’s just not you the learner but we as teachers , educators , administrators are very much aware of the need of the hour and the specific requirements of every potential learners. Assuring of our best Endeavour’s to favour every individual learner, success is always yours and we mean that by experiencing it ourselves.
Take a bold step forward and never look back! Let success be all yours…
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